hello fellow bloggers have u thought about sherlock draping himself all over john like an overgrown cat and demanding head scratches yet today

“Is this my lover then? This death, this death?”
Sylvia Plath, from Three Women


A cute dress for the indian summer in Paris

— Nicki Minaj (via sadwhitegrrl)


amazing that there are living humans out there who have chosen to label other groups of people “justice warriors” and align themselves as directly opposed to them. opposed to justice. look in the mirror. tell yourself “i hate justice”. do you feel like a batman villain yet.

my dad and i went into a pharmacy to buy toilet paper and after being there for a few minutes both of us were like “i forgot we’re not in america anymore” and “why would there be toilet paper here” 


You’re a needle in the hay,
You’re the water at the door.
You’re a million miles away;
Doesn’t matter anymore. (x)


destroy snape. destroy dumbledore. praise minerva.